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  1. General forecast of the market in...

Business forecast about clam item of Beseaco in 2014


1. General forecast of the market in 2014:
In 2014, the world economy is forecasted to start to recover after more than 6 years of severe crisis. European markets where consumers with a large proportion of Vietnamese seafood products have a huge impact on the success of Beseaco in 2014. From the beginning of the year, clam purchase orders from Western countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy have increased significantly versus the same period in 2013. However, with positive sign, the European market where have begun to control strictly on quality and food safety has created significant difficulties for business in Vietnam. Other markets such as the U.S. and Asian countries still maintain the consumption of bivalve mollusc as in 2013. Overall, year of 2014 is expected to be an increase in production and sales to the European market in 2013.