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  1. General forecast of the market in...

Business forecast about clam item of Beseaco in 2014


1. General forecast of the market in 2014:
In 2014, the world economy is forecasted to start to recover after more than 6 years of severe crisis. European markets where consumers with a large proportion of Vietnamese seafood products have a huge impact on the success of Beseaco in 2014. From the beginning of the year, clam purchase orders from Western countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy have increased significantly versus the same period in 2013. However, with positive sign, the European market where have begun to control strictly on quality and food safety has created significant difficulties for business in Vietnam. Other markets such as the U.S. and Asian countries still maintain the consumption of bivalve mollusc as in 2013. Overall, year of 2014 is expected to be an increase in production and sales to the European market in 2013.




2. White clam (Meretrix lyrata)
2.1 Raw material
Yield of raw material in 2014 is forecasted equally or more than yield of 2013 a little bit. However, south raw materials (FAO 71) are rare. The main reason is that after clams died in series in 2011 and 2012 because of the unusual salinity of seawater, so now size proportion of raw material is standard to export just about 40% per total raw material yield. Yield of north raw material (FAO 61) is equal to year of 2013 but we supply mainly for domestic market and for exporting to China.
2.2 Supply ability forecast
Although yield of south raw material is rare and high price in 2014, BESEACO has enough ability to supply to markets with the yield more than the year of 2013 about 10 % through establishing a good raw material suppliers and having detailed plan at the end of 2013.

3. Yellow clam meat (Paphia Undulta)
3.1 Raw material
Yield of raw material in 2014 is forecasted just 50% of the yield of 2013 because raw material resources in South Central and Kien Giang are depleted. Specifically, yield of caught raw materials in the South Central beach just enough to consume in the local markets and catch in Ha Tien - Kien Giang only 4 months while the annual catch was 8 months.
3.2 Supply ability forecast
Prior to the scarcity of raw material, Beseaco actively reduce the yield of exports items from the identified plan since the beginning of the year about 40%. It is expected that in 2014, Beseaco can only export about 600 tons finished products of frozen IQF yellow clam meat.